Connections for Health envision integrated systems of care that enable and support all people to achieve their greatest potential to live healthy and meaningful lives.


Connections for Health seeks to develop systems and processes to deliver holistic care by integrating social, physical and behavioral health services that are accessible and valued by all consumers and providers. CfH cultivates individual and community resiliency in a system where prevention, treatment and recovery are mutually reinforcing, and wellness is a shared goal for all. CfH endeavors to:


  • Ensure the delivery of the right clinical and non-clinical services that people need or value at the most efficient time and place

  • Develop nimble models of service delivery that are responsive to peoples’ changing needs and priorities, and reward improved outcomes

  • Redirect resources into services and partnerships that have the most positive impact on individual, community and population health

Create services payment models that can be adopted, adapted and sustained across populations, providers and payers


Connections for Health supports policies, programs and services that:


  • Honor the unique and complex biopsychosocial nature of health and wellness

  • Respect the human rights, cultural values, beliefs, and dignity of all people

  • Are evidence-informed, pragmatic, non-coercive and non-discriminatory

  • Are consumer-driven, strengths-based, solution-focused, and promote self-determination

  • Are continuously improved with timely and reliable data 

  • Are trauma-informed, resilience & recovery oriented

  • Are equally accessible to all

  • Are informed by the wisdom of lived experience