This limited-time-only item might just be my all-time favorite.
A Trader Joe's End Cap featuring new items
Credit: Shutterstock/Allrecipes

I love Trader Joe's. From the amazing low prices, the stunning fresh flowers right when you walk in, and all the on-trend cooking ingredients — I consider a stroll through the store self-care. I slowly peruse each aisle looking for the next best snack or best budget ingredient (I'm looking at you, pine nuts).

If you're new to this grocery store-style mall walk, here's a tip: Never, I repeat never, skip an end cap, especially at Trader Joe's. This is where they place all of the new (and often limited-time-only items). And while on my most recent stroll I hit end cap gold: Salsa Verde Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips.

A bag of Trader Joe's Salsa Verde Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips surrounded by the chips, lime wedges, nachos and nacho toppings.
Credit: Trader Joe's

My first thought was, "Have we gotten so lazy that we can't even be bothered to dip our own tortilla chips into salsa anymore? We need chip companies to pre-dip our chips for us? Really?!" But my second thought was, "Dang, I'm hungry, that sounds really good and I'm about to go to the beach where a chip and dip situation isn't very convenient." So I threw a bag in the cart.

At the checkout, the crew member helping me was so excited about this purchase. "These just came in today and I haven't been able to try them!" she said. So we ripped into the bag right then and there and tried them together. Spoiler alert: I went back to that end cap and got two more bags before I finished checking out.

Each chip is perfectly coated in a flavorful tomatillo-colored powder the ingredient list calls "Salsa Verde Seasoning." The first bite fills your mouth with fresh-tasting tomatillo flavor that tricks you into thinking you really did just dunk your chip into a bowl of salsa verde. The savory experience continues as you chew, moving into that familiar bright citrus flavor found on "touch of lime" tortilla chips, and the aftertaste lingers with a touch of chile pepper heat.

They are so delicious, my writing can't do them justice, so you will just have to go try a bag yourself (each bag is $2.99). But hurry! This is a limited-time-only item. It's still on shelves at my local store, but a crew member told me they aren't able to order more in at this time. So, whatever is available on the shelf is all the store will be getting, at least for now.