Recipe Conversion and Scaling

Find charts for converting measurements from cups to grams, ounces, and more. Plus, learn how to adjust and scale recipes depending on how many you're serving.

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Cup To Gram Conversions
Be accurate! This chart helps you convert measurements from cups to grams and ounces, depending on what your recipe calls for.
Cake and Baking Pan Size Conversions
Trying to convert a square cake into a round pan? Use this chart to determine how much batter you need for different sizes and shapes of baking pans.
Conversions: U.S. Standard To Metric
Bookmark this handy Imperial to Metric chart for quick conversions from cups to millimeters and vice versa. 
Cooking and Baking Conversions: Ounces, Cups, Metric, and More
How many tablespoons are in a cup? Consult our handy cooking and baking conversions charts to find out.

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Learn the high-altitude baking adjustments that help your cakes and quick breads rise mountain-high without falling flat.
Baking Ingredient Conversions
Check our handy charts to find conversions for commonly used ingredients.
How To Scale Down Cake Recipes

Get tips for converting and baking cake recipes in smaller sizes.